Tarheel Divers

I.                    Introduction to NAUI Open Water Course, History of Diving, and Equipment

A.    Introduction to Course

1.      Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

2.      Certification

a.       “Once you have completed the course and your open water certification dives, you will be qualified to dive in conditions similar to those in which you did your open water certification dives.”  p. 6

b.      “Safety Through Education”

c.       Advanced Diving Courses

d.      More training and highly specialized equipment for more technical diving

3.      Risks and Obligations

a.       SCUBA Diving may result in death or serious injury

                                                                                                         i.            Medical Contraindications

                                                                                                       ii.            Lifestyle Choices

b.      Course Attendance, Quizzes, Exam

c.       Swimming Skills (Including Swim Test)

d.      Check-out dives

B.     History of Diving

1.      Early Equipment (Video)

2.      Sea Hunt

3.      First NAUI ITC

4.      Diving Today

C.    Skin Diving Equipment – Masks, Fins, and Snorkels

1.      Purpose

2.      Features

3.      Care and Maintenance

D.    Cylinders

1.      Types

a.       Aluminum

b.      Steel

c.       Working Pressures

d.      Buoyancy Concerns

2.      Testing

a.       Visual (Visual Eddy)

b.      Hydrostatic Testing

3.      Valves

a.       J

b.      K

c.       Din

E.     Regulators

1.      Balanced Vs. Unbalanced (Sherwood Video)

2.      Care and Maintenance

3.      Attachments

F.     Buoyancy Compensators

1.      Types

a.       Horse-collar

b.      Jacket Style

c.       Back-mounted Flotation

2.      Features

3.      Care and Maintenance

G.    Accessories

1.      Weight Belts

2.      Dive Lights

3.      Dive Knives

4.      Spear Guns

5.      Communication

6.      Safety Equipment

a.       Oxygen

b.      Dive Alert




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