Tarheel Divers

Comprehensive SCUBA Training Center

Goodness that sounds like a fancy title, doesn't it?  So what exactly is this Comprehensive SCUBA Training Center one might wonder.  Well, first let me give you a little history lesson.


For the past 5 years I have been teaching SCUBA Diving through the store Tarheel Divers.  I've taught just about everyone from my friends, to doctors, lawyers, retirees, teenagers, Fitness Center employees, to the occasional family member.  It hasn't always been easy and I've hit a few rough patches along the way.  Bad weather, miscommunication, and a near drowning incident during a pool session (no, the victim was not one of my students), but all in all I've had an extraordinarily good time.  I would consider each individual I've taught a friend, and nothing has given me greater pleasure than to see them enjoy the sport of diving.  It never ceases to amaze me when a student exits even the murkiest visibility and looks up to say "That was the coolest thing ever!" 


But now those times are over.  While I still may find the opportunity to teach an occasional course, I will no longer be able to devote my summers to diving instruction.  However the Divingbells.com website has always been my chance to make my mark on the world, and has been a wonderful resource for my classes in the past.  Therefore it is my intention to not only revive my old Student Web (it didn't survive the website revamp and has therefore been out of service for several months) but to expand it into a resource for not only new divers, but experienced divers as well. 


Obligatory Disclaimer: The information presented on these pages are not a substitute for an Open Water SCUBA Course.  While it will contain many of the teaching materials (outlines, quizzes, and exams) I have used in my classes, only a certified Instructor can adequately present and test the necessary Academic and Water skills needed for certification.

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