Tarheel Divers

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Diver)

I have a confession to make.  I hate salt water, can’t stand the stuff.  And why shouldn’t I hate it?  Is it too much to ask for the oceans to be filled with fresh water?  I say forget trying to make more absorbent paper towels, longer lasting batteries, or better tasting diet soda and find a way to de-saltify the ocean.  Think it’ll happen?  I doubt it...

Leashes (And Other Buddy Tools)

At one point or another everyone dives with the classic “Runaway Buddy”.  One moment you and Bob are swimming along fine along a coral reef and the next minute Bob is gone and you’re all alone in the deep blue sea and Bob’s the one who knows how to get back to the boat…  Of course any buddy that consistently (on purpose or otherwise) abandons the other diver has a serious problem and either needs to reform or quit diving.  But for the occasional runaway or “accidentally” separated dive buddy there are a few useful methods and items of equipment.