Tarheel Divers

Description of Basic SCUBA Course

The NAUI Open Water SCUBA Course is designed to teach people the knowledge and skills needed to safely explore the underwater world.  Through lectures and pool sessions students will gain the confidence and understanding needed to become a safe diver.  The NAUI Open Water Certification is a “license to learn” and is the first step towards enriching one’s life with the exciting possibilities SCUBA Diving has to offer. 


In order to sign up for an Open Water course first you must pass a basic medical self-evaluation.  Due to the inherent stresses and dangers of diving, there are certain medical contraindications that will unfortunately prevent you from participating.  For instance, people who have recurrent sinus problems may not be able to equalize air spaces on descent and therefore may not be able to dive.


Also there is a swimming test!  Since there is the possibility of long surface swims, all students must be able to swim 5 laps non stop.  YOU MUST LOG AT LEAST 2 HOURS OF SWIMMING TIME BEFORE COMING TO THE FIRST CLASS!


Students must also provide their own mask, fins and snorkel.  All other SCUBA gear will be provided by the store as it is included in the course fee.  Other requirements include showing up for class, completing all open water dives, and passing a comprehensive exam.

Schedule/Time Commitment

Lectures (Equipment, Physics, Physiology, Dive Time Planning, and Environment): 15-18hours


Pool Sessions (At least 2): 8-12 Hours


Open Water Dives (At least 4): At least 2 days (weather dependent)


Course Fee: $395 - Includes Instruction, Books, Pool Sessions, Checkout Dives and DAN O2 Provider Certification


Mask, Fins, and Snorkel: $150-$200

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