Tarheel Divers

History of SCUBA Diving
1. (Monsters / Limited materials and immature understanding of physics) impeded early underwater exploration.
2. True or False: “Frogfeet” was one of the original popular swim fin designs.
3. The first nationally recognized SCUBA course was provided by:
        a. YMCA
        b. NAUI
        c. PADI
        d. IANTD
4. Jacques Coustea and Emile Gagnan created the ________________ in 1942-43. It fundamentally altered diving.


Skin Diving Gear
1. Why are goggles not suitable for SCUBA Diving?

2. What is the proper way to test a mask to see if it fits on your face?

3. What are the features of a mask and why are they each important?

4. What are the problems associated with snorkels that are under 10 inches in length?

5. Which side of the mask should the snorkel be attached to and why?

6. True or False: Fit is the most important aspect when buying SCUBA equipment.
7. Why are fins used?

8. _________ occur when a fin that is too large and/or stiff is used.
9. Should gloves be used for diving? Support your answer, a simple yes or no is not correct.

10. What type of flotation device is usually associated with Skin Diving?
        a. Snorkeling Vest
        b. Horse-Collar B.C.
        c. Safety Tube
        d. Trans-Pac Harness with Wings


1. Correct this sentence: Tanks are used to carry compressed air.
2. A Diver brings in a cylinder marked 3AA to be filled. The Air Station attendant only fills it to 2475 P.S.I. instead of 3000 P.S.I. Why?

3. Why are J-Valves no longer necessary?

4. Describe the two tests that must be performed on SCUBA Cylinders (include how often each must be done).

5. True or False: There is no federal regulation requiring cylinders to be visually inspected, it is Industry Regulated only.
6. Circle the correct word: The (Second, First) stage of the regulator reduces the pressure to ambient pressure.
7. The High pressure hose connects to the:
        a. SPG
        b. Second Stage
        c. Low Pressure Power Inflator
        d. Octopus
8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a weight integrated system on a BC?

9. In the summer the water temperature off the coast of North Carolina reaches approximately 78°F. What type of exposure suit is preferable for this temperature?

10. Knives are used primarily for:
        a. Opening bottles of beer
        b. Impressing other divers
        c. Fighting off Great White Sharks
        d. Cutting lines or a net in an entanglement

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