Tarheel Divers

Dive Tables Worksheet

1. A diver plans to dive the Indra which is in 70 feet of water. His Maximum Dive Time for this depth is ____ minutes. He enters the water at 11 AM and begins his descent at 11:10. He exits the water at 11:40 making his Actual Dive Time ____ minutes. What is the Dive Schedule for this dive?

2. A diver dives the Novelty which is in 60 feet of water for 40 minutes. Upon exiting the water his Letter Group Designation is ____. He has a Surface Interval Time of 2 hours. What is his Adjusted Maximum Dive Time if he plans to dive this wreck again?

3. A diver who lost track of time reaches 20 feet after having dived the U-352 (110 feet) for 20 minutes. What is the recommended Decompression Stop for this dive? What should he do when he reaches the surface?

4. A diver at Jerryís Reef dives to 65 feet for 21 minutes. He makes a Safety Stop at 20 feet for 3 minutes before returning to the boat. He remains on the surface for 2 hours before making a Repetitive Dive to 50 feet for 30 minutes.
        a. What is Dive Schedule for the first dive?
        b. What is this diverís Letter Group Designation after the first dive? After the Surface Interval?
        c. What is the Residual Nitrogen Time for the Second dive?
        d. What is the Total Nitrogen Time for this diver after the second dive?
        e. What is this diverís Letter Group Designation after the second dive?

5. After diving for 30 minutes on the deck of the Liberty Ship (roughly 40 feet) a diver begins her ascent to the surface. However she drops her spear gun and has to swim down to the bottom (60 feet) to retrieve it. How long should it take her to reach the surface (assuming she omits her 3 minute Safety Stop). What is the Dive Schedule for this dive?

6. A diver dives the U-352 for 15 minutes. How long must this diver remain on the surface if she wants to dive the same wreck for 12 minutes? What would be a better alternative for these two dive schedules?

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