Tarheel Divers

Diving Physics and Chemistry
1. 14.7 P.S.I. is equal to:
        a. 33 fsw
        b. 34 fsw
        c. 33 ffw
        d. 1.09 BAR
2. A sealed balloon filled with air has a volume of 6 cubic inches at 132 fsw. What will the volume be when the balloon reaches 33 fsw?

3. Fresh water weighs _____ pounds per cubic foot. Sea water weighs _____ pounds per cubic foot.
        a. 14.7; 29.4
        b. 0.445; 0.445
        c. 62.4; 64
        d. 64; 62.4
4. Which gas law has no application to SCUBA Diving?

5. Light travels _____ times (faster/slower) through water while sound travels _____ times (faster/slower) through water.
6. The partial pressure of Oxygen in Air at the surface is .21. When the partial pressure of Oxygen reaches 2, it becomes toxic. At what depth will this occur?

7. A day in the air is like an ____ in water of the same temperature.
8. A SCUBA Cylinder that holds 80 cubic feet of air at the surface will hold _____ cubic feet of air at 4 ATA.
9. What is the third color lost in the spectrum upon descent?


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